Zen garden: everything you need to know

Having a Zen garden, whether at work or at home, will bring you peace and tranquility. In this article, we will give you tips so you can create it for you.

The zen garden was born in Japan. It is a place of meditation, of rest, where you can seek the peace and tranquility you need. It is very common to see this type of garden in houses, but even in the workplace, you can have your oriental garden, since the size can vary from a small garden of the secretariat to gardens with several hectares.



The main feature of the Zen garden is simplicity. The simplicity with which it must be built and that must be transported to everyday life so that it can live in a more relaxed and with more knowledge of itself. It is the place where you can hear what your body and your inner heart have to tell you.



It represents the sea and is related to the peace and tranquility of spirit and mind. In the sand, with the help of the rake, you can create waves. The waves in a longer, curved pattern symbolize the choppy waters. Straight lines represent quieter waters.



They represent the rocks where the waves of the sea beat, symbolizing movement and continuity, and also the mountains, predrill elements of nature. They must be in odd numbers and should be placed asymmetrically.


Preference should be given to the most common species in Eastern philosophy, such as magnolia, azalea, cherry trees and small shrubs. Plants and flowers represent nature and, in it, life.



Whether you opt for a small Zen garden to put on your desk or build a space at home, you will benefit both from its construction and from its daily use and maintenance.

To create a Zen garden desk, you need a container, preferably wood, sand, stones and a rake. To do this, follow these steps:
Isolate the wooden box. You may also choose to varnish it
Put the sand inside the box. The sand should be at least 8 cm high so that when you are using the rake to create the waves, continue with a beautiful visual effect and do not see the bottom of the box
Place the stones asymmetrically and in odd numbers
Finally, with the help of the rake, create waves in your garden.

If your goal is to create a zen garden in an outdoor space, you will need material to insulate the base of your garden, sand, and gravel, rocks and plants. To do this you must follow the following steps:
Isolate the area where you will build your Zen garden, in order to avoid the appearance of weeds.
Put the plants, but always bearing in mind that this space should be as simple as possible. You can place them in small pots to avoid the spread of weeds around them.
Then place the stones or rocks, always taking into account that they must be in odd numbers.
Put the sand. You can also use gravel, which will give your garden more consistency. The sand should cover the containers of the plants and also make the base of the stones submerged.

Your zen garden would not be complete without the waves, which you could create with the help of a rake. If you want to enjoy your garden at night you can still put some light, always keeping in mind that simplicity is the watchword in the construction of your Zen garden.

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