Which plants to choose for a bathroom?

Plants make it happy! So why do not you do it in the bathroom? Your mornings will be more cheerful! If only the bathroom is a room is a bit special: the atmosphere there is extremely variable and the brightness is not always extraordinary. So be sure to choose the most suitable plants to keep them healthy, whether green plants or flowering plants. Caroline de Jardiland sheds light on the subject while giving us some very nice decorative ideas.


What is the first question to ask to vegetate a bathroom?

Unlike the living room and office where the humidity is very constant, the bathroom is a rather special place. Between steam, drafts, excess heat, the conditions of existence are quite extreme and not suitable for all indoor plants. You should therefore opt for sturdy plant varieties that particularly like moist and warm environments.


Are tropical plants best suited to the bathroom?

The tropical plants have an undeniable charm and allow to decorate this space “well-being” where one likes to spend time. You can create an aesthetic universe that will make you travel! Vary the species of plants for bathroom. Create a camaieu by choosing a gradient of various blues for example, or bring a multicolored touch to your interior decoration. Treat yourself to some green plants with decorative foliage for a touch of elegance and freshness. They harmonize perfectly with bathroom furniture made of bamboo or natural wood but also in a deco design.



The papyrus is renowned for appreciating the moist environments: can the atmosphere of a bathroom suit it?

You can safely reserve a place of choice for a papyrus in your bathroom provided its base is always in the water. Placed near the window in a nice pot, the papyrus will remain green throughout the year. Especially if you give him a little fertilizer from time to time. Do not hesitate to associate it with some ferns, they also adapted to the bathroom.



Are there green polluting plants that can withstand the atmosphere of my bathroom?


Of course and it is an excellent idea to want to combine usefulness with pleasure. The Sansevieria, for example, which is called the mother-in-law’s tongue, is a depolluent plant originating in Africa. This succulent is easily adapted to many atmospheres and does not require special care. With its green white foliage, chlorophytum depollutant will also find its place in a bathroom that will remind him of its original tropical forest. Its growth is quite rapid, and you will be able to multiply the feet of chlorophytum by division of the tuft or by layering.


What indoor flowering plants do you recommend for a bathroom?

The choice is wide because many flowering plants support the variable atmosphere of this wet room. The Guzmania is a tropical plant whose floral stems are splendid. You can find different cultivated species that decline in a palette of bright colors, from yellow to red, and which slices on the bright green leaves. Dare the visual marriages by associating them with the asphodel and some specimens of orchids so refined. But for the orchid, it is necessary that your bathroom is sufficiently ventilated.


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