What color in the room to support sleep?

If you want to create a small haven in your room, keep in mind that the atmosphere of your room is directly impacted by its color. Certain shades are conducive to relaxation, while others have rather energizing virtues. Do not panic, here are some deco tips in color to ensure you a sleep of lead. You will find a cozy cocoon and sleep on both ears.


A cozy room with natural tones.


Bet on a palette of beige, cream, sand or brown glaze to wrap your piece of softness. Elegant in summer and winter, this cozy look will give a soothing atmosphere to your room. Wall, decoration accessories, bed linen, soft carpets, natural wood furniture … This Zen chart combines subtly and is easily declined from floor to ceiling. Ideal to ensure a romantic atmosphere very cozy.



From green to a zen room
Green is in the top of the colors that make it easier to sleep. However, it is all about balance, especially in a room. It is necessary to harmonize your palette in order to obtain a too toned result. The trick is to come to complete this shade with a secondary color as soft as blue. The marriage of water green and pastel blue will bring a true softness to your room. Green is an anti-stress color and has the effect of reassuring by bringing a touch of nature into your room. Decorative cushions and decorative cushions with a touch of natural colors.





Powdered pink for a reassuring “cocoon” room

The pink is the ultimate in delicacy and will ensure a soothing, soothing atmosphere in the room, and will allow you to sleep well. Powdered or aged, the pink will not only bring a slight feminine touch to your room will give a cozy reassuring effect to your decor. Synonymous of softness, this elegant shade is conducive to daydreaming and will allow you to fall into the arms of Morpheus gradually. Combine a pale pink with shades of gray or cream to get a very cocooning mix. Be careful not to opt for fuchsia or bright pink, the energizing tonic effect of these acid tints will make your sleep more difficult.



Blue for a soothing room

Sky, turquoise, indigo or pale … Blue is the color that invites to escape and relaxation. Ideal for a relaxing stay. Bet for example a pastel blues to accentuate the softness of your decoration. But shade the blue with other soft shades to avoid a certain gloom. For example, associate this soothing shade with a gray palette. The result will not only be very contemporary but it will also facilitate your sleep.



A violet room for a smooth sleep

The purple is a very elegant color that brings a slight touch of femininity to the room. This shade is subtle and will wrap your room with a soft veil. Be careful, however, to dose the color to avoid the overload that could come to disrupt your sleep. Opt for a deep purple or shades of lilac to obtain a soothing atmosphere. The violet will bring you all the calm necessary to succeed to fall asleep peacefully.




White for an imperturbable sleep
One thing is for sure. This neutral color reflects the serenity and calm for an imperturbable sleep. However, it is impersonal aseptic clinical effect. To avoid this result, the trick is to add various colorful decorative accessories. Instead, bet on a palette of pastels like peach, salmon pink or sky blue, especially on cushions and bed linen. Good night!

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