What About An Electric Crepe Maker?

If you want to enjoy tasty crepes for breakfast at homemade just like those you get in the best restaurants then now you can. What you’ll need is an electric crepe maker or griddle that can make you perfect crepes easily without fuss. Buying a crepe maker is relatively straightforward, but what you’ll need to know before buying is what are the different styles of crepe maker, which is best for you and where can you get them from.

electric crepe makerElectric crepe makers come in two different styles. You get your dip, flip and cook style crepe maker and your traditional skillet or crepe griddle. The dip, flip and cook style crepe maker is basically an electrically heated pan with a non-stick surface that is dipped into your crepe batter. The crepe then cooks on the non-stick surface and is peeled off when prepared. The traditional crepe griddle or skillet is simply an electric or even gas powered hot plate that you pour your crepe batter onto until cooked then lift off and serve.


Five Brands That You Can Consider


Tibos electric crepe maker
Salton cm5a electric crepe maker
Villaware electric crepe maker
World Cuisine 13-inch diameter Tibos electric crepe maker
Krampouz electric crepe maker

Which type is best for you will depend entirely on your circumstances. If you are looking for occasional use at home a dip, flip and cook style electric crepe maker will probably be best for you. Generally, these aren’t as powerful as full crepe griddles so take a little longer to cook but are small and easy to clean and tidy away and can make a very good crepe for occasional use.


If you are looking for greater output then at the other end of the scale you can purchase a professional crepe griddle. With considerably more power and heat, these griddles will cook your crepe batter much quicker than the handheld pans. A professional crepe maker tends to be a table top set up griddle with a 13 inch or bigger non-stick hot plate available in gas or electric options. Of course, you can get more domesticated versions of the professional crepe griddle that are a little smaller and more


convenient for home use with the added benefit of being generally more powerful than the dip flip and cook style pans so cook crepes quicker and can be the best option for the larger family as opposed to a couple.

The biggest brand manufacturers are Tibos electric crepe maker, Villaware and Krampouz so look out for these established, reliable brands when purchasing. Prices range from $20 through to $50 for a dip, flip and cook crepe makers so are an ideal place for the home cook to start. For bigger families, more serious cooks and those looking for a higher quality result electric crepe griddles will be the best way forward for you and smaller starter models can be picked up for as little as $40 but you will find a whole range rising to the professional level that cost upwards of $500. Be sure to check the net for the best deals as many suppliers can give a wide range of model options all of which are easy to deliver at a reasonable rate.

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