Types and Benefits of a Wall Mirror

More people are finding out that wall mirrors can make the perfect room décor item. We are all used to having a bathroom mirror to help us get ready in the morning. We may have a lighted makeup mirror or other functional pieces in our home. Mirrors don’t stop there. Many styles are on the market that can add instant personality and flair to any room.

wall mirrorDecorating with them is easy. Put a table lamp in front of a wall mirror to help distribute light. Large mirrors serve as a focal point of a room. Entertain babies and young children with a small childproof wall mirror. The possibilities are endless!

Two basic styles are framed and frameless. These are usually square or rectangle. You will want to take extra care to secure a frameless mirror to a wall. Use both mirror adhesive and plastic mirror holders to secure a frameless mirror. A framed mirror will have a wooden or plastic frame around it. These can often be hung using picture wire.

Wall mirrors can come in almost any shape. Traditional shapes include either rectangle or square. The round was popular during the depression and is now in vogue again. You can commonly find octagon, domed and oval mirrors.

Decorative mirrors are becoming more sought after. These can include styles with an etched design along the edge or can have intricate work covering the entire piece. Stained glass and art-deco pieces can be masterpieces.

Plastic mirrors now allow for shapes that were not possible a few years ago. Stars and other geometric shapes are now available.

It’s easy to find a place that sells mirrors. Home décor items are found in retail furniture stores, child furniture stores or online sources. Antique shops, artisan cooperatives, and stained glass shops will have unique pieces available.

:: Here Are Some Tips You Can Consider When Using Wall Mirrors::

Use a large wall mirror to bring out life in any room
Rectangular wall mirrors are standard but can work easily with any area
Having a round wall mirror can be different than your basic style mirror
Bathroom wall mirrors is another option you can install these on
Wall mounted mirrors helps keep them in place so your mirrors don’t fall off the wall
A decorative wall mirror has a unique style but it could cost more to own
A full-length wall mirror is great when you need to see yourself dressed for an outing
Oval wall mirrors seem to be more popular these days because of there not the typical mirrors you see in homes
An antique wall mirror can go nicely with a room that has an antique theme
A black wall mirror is another popular choice but darker colors can make your room look flat
Frameless wall mirror is inexpensive and great for projects when adding different kinds of mirrors to your walls
Beveled wall mirror is another option you can consider
Contemporary wall mirrors are the fashion of today
:: The most popular that I have seen in homes are::

Large wall mirrors
Bathroom wall mirror
Wall mount mirror
Lighted wall mirror
Oval wall mirror
Round wall mirrors
Wall mirrors decorative
Antique wall mirrors
This is just some tips and if you have any more, don’t hesitate to comment…

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