Trendy Versatile Bookshelves in Catchy Colors by B-Line

Storage is unique in the form of a conventional modular is one that we like and we need in a store, which serves to save items that we like, such as books, VCD etc. This time the B-Linein the catalog, ideally, the fin design Shelving version of the modular rack system in their latest models are very attractive by giving the impression of making a box and give the crack divider in the middle. Stefan Bench called Quby designing this build with consideration of chemical perspective in order to last longer with polyethylene rotomoulded, these designs are colored catchy with seven options if more interesting to be installed on the walls of our homes so they can trendy and fun. Each module has a really original shape and paint in some catchy color of 7 available. These modules can be combined and re-combined at will and put on the floor or hung on the wall. The bookcase is great especially for kids rooms because of it’s fun look but could be used virtually anywhere in the house.

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