Top 10 Countertops in Kitchen

The kitchen is a very critical part of the house. The material that plays a major role in the appearance of the kitchen is the kitchen counter – it is important in every matter what material is made, how it looks, and what you can think of about a countertop kitchen countertop.

Although granite is one of the most popular choices in luxury kitchens today, there are many materials you can use for your counter and we will talk about other popular materials used outside granite.

Now we rank 10 of the most popular kitchen countertops. We hope that you find the photos inspiring and the information useful.

Concrete Countertops


Over the past few years, there have been many ways to use concrete in the home and its use as a kitchen countertop is one of them. Concrete countertops are very robust and heat resistant. They can also come in the desired shape, color, and texture – which is an extra. Concrete countertops are very heavy, so they need good support from cabinets; they may also be scratched or damaged due to acidic materials such as lemon juice.

Quartz Kitchen Benches


One of the best alternatives of granite countertops is the quartz worktops processed in the factory. They look very similar to the appearance, they look very stylish in the kitchen as they are solid and quite durable. Plus, the glossy surface of the quartz can be easily cleaned with soap. Extra: Quartz requires very little maintenance.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop

Although stainless steel is used in many materials in the kitchen, its use as a counter was recently discovered. But here they are now.

Stainless steel color and heat resistance make it a great material for the kitchen. Stainless steel can be used in different areas with many features. The surface is easy to clean as it is non-porous and quite hygienic. As a bad feature, stainless steel will show all kinds of fingerprints and streaks, of course.

Soapstone Countertop

Excellent soapstone kitchen stalls with many veins and a natural and luxurious image. Soapstone kitchen stalls are very stylish and smooth, and they can complement the cuisine style in many ways. They are also unaffected by heat-resistant, rugged and acidic materials (which is a feature that will work in the kitchen in many ways). They do not need regular care and do not leave a trace.


Butcher Board Kitchen counter


The hot and fairly natural butcher’s bench is a popular piece of kitchen worktops used by professional chefs, houses facing old times and homes for everyone who likes the warmth of the board.


There are two things that people who want to get a kitchen counter from the butcher’s table have to consider, which better meets your needs? – is it appropriate to prepare and prepare for the work, is it suitable for service and image? (As you can see, this decision is very critical.) These benches produced from the butchers require some maintenance. You may also need to lubricate or even occasionally replace the surface with sandpaper.


Glass Countertops


Glass kitchen stalls are rapidly multiplying nowadays because they have a very modern and aesthetic standpoint. Glass kitchen countertops can create a great elegance without attracting much attention. These benches are also resistant to heat, as they are not easily stained and are easy to clean. Unfortunately, these benches easily show fingerprints, and the same is true of scratches (not a feature that your kids will not see when you’re around!)

Marble Countertops


White marble is a classic for a beautifully designed house. Marble vascular appearance and luxury create an instant sophisticated image in the kitchen. On the other hand, marble is very easily drawn and stained.  therefore, recommend using it in smaller worktop areas, a better idea than using a kitchen island or cooking areas in the whole kitchen.


Limestone Countertops

The limestone is an organic material that resembles marble in general but has a harder structure as a plus for its use as a countertop. This material is becoming more popular in the use of the bench, which is why the fall surface, natural appearance, and organic color options.



Lava Stone Countertops


Less known, but now becoming more popular lava stone kitchen stalls are a dramatic and beautiful option for machine selection. Matte and glossy options and many color options are available and can be customized for the kitchen in many different styles.


Lava stone does not have a porous structure (such as stainless steel and glass countertops) and is not easily scratch or stained, it is also resistant to heat. Of course, all these properties demand a response, the lava stone is the most expensive material used in making the counter today.

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