The cactus in interior decoration is trendy!

If you want to put some spice in your interior, why not adopt the cactus trend? Natural or artificial plants, lamps, posters, carpets, etc. There’s something for everyone! Here is an overview of the decorative options available to you.


Green plants

Nothing like a small (or big) cactus to give a Western side to your piece. Decorated with some flowers or installed as is, this decorative element will give peps to your interior. If you want to decorate your living room, office or bedroom with a nice green cactus, you have 2 choices:
A true plant: a little cactus requires little maintenance. Straight from the desert, just place it in a warm and sunny place, and water it from time to time. But be careful, whoever rubs himself there stings!
An artificial cactus: If you prefer to avoid real plants (some difficulties in keeping them alive, maybe?), You can turn to a plastic cactus. The realism of some is even bluffing: you will see only fire!


Depending on your space and decoration style, choose your cactus carefully. Size, shape, color, etc. There is a great variety. For best results, place it in a matching pot:
A terracotta pot for a hacienda effect.
A white or pastel vase for a clean look.
A multicolored pot to brighten the room.
An original container (bowl, basket, wooden crate) for a more offbeat style.
And to complete your pot, do not hesitate to add some granules of colors on the ground or a pretty flowerpot, which will marry wonderfully with the rest of your decoration. Let your inspiration speak!




Cloth cactus

If you like cuddly toys, think about fabric cactus! In a nice pot, on your sofa or on a corner of your desk, a cactus plush will bring a cocooning effect to your room. You can even handle it without risking stinging.
Are you a DIY fan? Great ! Take advantage of it to make your own cactus yourself: from green felt (or another color), padding, a little imagination and the trick is played! For a kawaii look, do not hesitate to add sparkling eyes and a nice smile to your plush cactus.




Cacti are always popular

If you are looking for more original designs or more design, you can turn to other materials: ceramic, metal, wood, glass, etc. These cacti will find their place in the most sober and baroque decors. Marry them harmoniously with the rest of your decoration and play on colors, materials and styles to achieve the desired effect.





Wall Decals

To vary the pleasures, you can also hang decorations at the wall. A cactus in 2D is nice too! You are spoiled for choice:
Posters, paintings, curtains and even wall hangers: these alternatives will allow you to easily change decoration. You can simply fix them to the wall and move them whenever you want.
Stickers or wallpaper: these options are more definitive, but what a result! For example, in a room or office, combine white walls with a fourth cactus pattern wallpaper.




Other accessories

To complete your decoration, there is an array of accessories on the theme of Cactaceae: from mugs to coat hangers, to candles, plaids and lamps, whatever you want, you will inevitably find your happiness!
If you like creative hobbies, you can even create your own decorations. For example, embroider a cushion with a cactus motif, paint one on the door of a piece of furniture, make a shade for a bedside lamp, make a salt cactus, etc. Give free rein to your imagination!




Whether you want to simply add a touch of decoration to your home or transform your interior into a true Cactaceae museum, you will surely find the accessories of your dreams!

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