Some shades of gray in your home

At once deep and distinguished, gray is often less harsh than black. As refined, the shades of gray can give relief to its decor. So here are some ideas to integrate shades of gray in his decor.
Many people are afraid to incorporate gray into their decorating thinking that this color will darken the room. However, it’s a deep color that makes you feel good and brings sophistication. Objects, painting, furniture everything is possible to integrate shades of gray in your decor.


Gray furniture

If the trend is often to white or colored furniture, gray furniture looks great. Indeed, with shades of deep gray, the furniture takes a different look.

Kitchen furniture: the gray kitchen furniture will give modernity. Indeed, this color with many shades of gray offers many possibilities. A dark gray will be ultra modern, while a light gray will also bring a rustic touch.


Living furniture: you want to change the atmosphere during your stay? In this case, repaint your furniture in gray. If you have recovered your grandmother’s Norman cabinet, repainting it in gray will modernize it. The light gray will also fit perfectly in a Scandinavian style interior. If you like furniture collections at Interior’s or Maison du monde stores, gray will be a must. Indeed, the light shades of gray will be perfect to recreate this kind of atmospheres.


Bathroom furniture: bathroom furniture accepts shades of dark gray. Indeed, Zen universes and trendy bathrooms will accept anthracite or slate gray. Remember in this case to slice with more bright colors or to bring brightness with spots.

Where to put gray?

Kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, we know where to put some touches of gray? With its deep shades of gray, one hesitates to put gray in its interior. And yet, it’s a deep color that will perfectly highlight your piece. Then everything is about shades of gray and room.

In the kitchen: although small room, the gray settles perfectly in the kitchen. It brings a touch of modernity and dynamism. An anthracite gray will be perfect to create a modern or industrial atmosphere. On the other hand, in a country house kitchen or with wooden furniture, light gray will be preferred.


In a corridor: do you want to give depth to a corridor? In this case, create a basement with gray. To give pep’s only put gray on your doors. Finally, to put relief, create vertical stripes on which you will fix photos.
Gray for a table decoration


You want to make a sophisticated table decoration for an event or to receive friends? In this case, draw in the shades of gray to harmonize your table.

A gray tablecloth or a gray center table: if you want the gray dominates, then put it at the bottom of the table. A tablecloth, a table runner will set the tone. For napkins, choose the shades according to the shade of dominant gray. For gray tending toward light gray or natural aluminum gray, choose soft or pastel colors. With shades of darker gray, opt for fuchsia, electric blue or orange.
Deco objects: integrate the gray into your table decor by the accessories is possible. Thus, your table will take sophisticated looks. Therefore, opt for candlesticks, presentation plates or cutlery or why not vases or gray-based flower arrangements.

With what color do you marry gray?


Turquoise: turquoise remains an elegant and soft color. Therefore, to marry it with gray, it will be better to choose a shade of light gray or natural aluminum.

Green: in a bathroom, the gray and green combination will create a Zen universe. Choose shades of deep gray and dark green. Indeed, a dark gray will remind the universe of the rock, the stone, source of energy. Dark green will be associated with nature. A zen garden without being one and the mineral spirit guaranteed

The mole: gray and taupe, the perfect combination to make a sweet atmosphere. Thus, in a room, a shade of light gray with taupe will soften the universe. A natural atmosphere and perfect cocooning for a room for example.

Flashy colors: do you want to put flashy in your interior? So choose a quartz gray or slate gray with a flashy color. Perfect for putting in an office or in a kitchen.

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  1. that’s great. Gray is the best color for me. I love the formal color. my sitting room is in gray and bedroom. your ideas are best too. ı got it.

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