Rock music decorating ideas

For many, Rock and Roll goes far beyond music: it’s a lifestyle! This passion can be outsourced in many ways, from dressing to home decor, whose style can be defined simply as rock decor.


The rock decor is inspired by bands, songs and rock strands to compose the environment. The choice of the decorative elements and where they will be arranged is an important process for those who want to customize a room with the rock decoration, but most important of all is that all these aspects are consistent with the proposal of rock and roll.


If you’re more connected in psychedelic rock, you can use legendary bands like The Beatles, The Doors, and Pink Floyd to compose the decor; if you prefer Hard Rock, bands like Metallica and Black Sabbath can fit very well within the proposal. In the end, this is all a matter of preference. Deepen your musical tastes to discover which bands or songs should compose the decor and create a unique environment that is the perfect reflection of your personality.


To help with the creative process, we’ve separated 20 stylish rock decorating environments right below to inspire you!


Rock Decorating Environments


Rock If you already have a conventional furniture and want to adapt it to your musical taste, you will not find great difficulty in accomplishing this task. The secret of rock decor is in the details. Try to customize basic items such as cushions, rugs, and shelves. In addition, a great way to accomplish this decoration is by buying posters, stickers, pictures and hanging musical instruments on the walls.

Another tip is to decorate with vinyl records. For this, you can enjoy the vinyl in its original form or transform it freely. Always try to use discs that are no longer part of your musical taste or that have already spoiled, after all, vinyl records are coming back with everything and are, for many people, collector’s items.



A common feature of rock decoration is the repetition of colors.Black and white are recurring tones that stand out in most decorations, especially those inspired by classic rock. If your décor follows this color pattern, try to reconcile it with the furniture to give a sense of uniformity to the environment.

There is no rule of how many or what accessories should be used to achieve a rock decor. For more discreet people, a picture and a sign may be enough, even for those extravagant, a wall covered with pictures and posters accompanied by a flashy rug can be just as fantastic. It all depends on your personality and the feeling you seek to evoke through that decoration.

Living room

The living room is the perfect setting for the rock decor by being expansive and personal. She is usually the first contact the visitors have as their home and so they say a lot about who lives in her.Through the living room, we can identify the main characteristics of a person, as well as their personal tastes, be they related to music, cinema, architecture or anything else.

If you want to customize your living room with a rock decor, be bold and creative. Use the ample space of the walls to hang objects related to the universe of rock and roll like musical instruments, pictures, and vinyl records. In most of the inspirations found below, we can notice the monochromatic tone of the furniture, which mostly uses white or dark colors. If you already have furniture like this, it’s a bonus that can be availed!
Frames are great decorating options as they help you compose the environment without taking up too much space and can be chosen according to your personal preferences. On this wall, for example, we see references to rock icons like David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison.
The UK flag is present in so many rock decorations because it was from there that great rock icons emerged. Some examples are Oasis, Radiohead, The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Clash.



The bedroom is for many the most important room in the house. It should provide comfort and safety, after all, it is there that you spend your precious hours free before bed. So it is very important that you feel good about being there, and the decor is very important for this to be possible.

If you like rock n roll, why not invest in a decor inspired by this style? It does not take many features beyond, of course, a lot of creativity and disposition. For rock decor in the bedroom, a headboard is usually a hand on the wheel as it allows you to position items like speakers or vinyl records without having the job of hanging them on the wall


There are many creative ways to use the vinyl record in the decor. In this example, we see that they were used to construct the frame of a frame.



Sometimes a good frame and discreet cushions are enough to compose the rock decor.




In addition to making your home much more enjoyable, rock decorating is a way of paying sincere homage to your rock idols. Decorations inspired by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix are some of the most popular as we noted in the post, but you can enjoy this decorative style based on practically any rock band! For you, which of the environments presented in the post conveys the spirit of rock and roll better? Tell us in the comments. For other posts like this, go to our Decorating session.

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