#Pebble stone decoration ideas

Accessories in our home are very important. We apply an accessory to catch the harmony from head to toe. The accessories you can design with pebbles can turn into parts of your home that you cannot give up.

Pebble stones placed inside the glass object

Even a glass jar that we can easily find and not use in our house is enough for us to apply this design. If we have added candles, we now have the perfect accessory.

Pebbles Stuck Inside Small Jars

Don’t throw your little jars, you know, chain, maybe you got some rope, and it’s done. Placed inside the jars – you can also add candles if you like-pebbles, you can hang these jars in the desired corner of your home with a chain help.

A stylish vase from the chips box

A chip box, a little pebble, and your perfect vase. He’s the only one who chooses the flowers you put in.

Pebble stones in Mats

Don’t you like the pattern of your old mop? You can have a great help with the pebbles you are pasting on.

Pebbles in the under plates

Your old-fashioned and similar items may be very mundane, and a glue and pebbles will immediately get you to the new one.

Pebble stones in your makeup box

The pebbles you place in the boxes where your make-up materials are located do not offer both stylish and comfortable use.

Pebbles in Shoes
You can now place your shoes in shoes made of pebble stone that you designed.

Pebble Stones in American services
Do your own American service yourself, be unique with the color and variety of pebbles you want.

Pebble stones in pots

You can even make your design flowers happy by pasting pebbles into an old tin box.

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