Organize bathroom with beautiful and practical ideas

No matter how much space you have, there is always little time to organize the bathroom.


And if the bathroom is common for all members of the house, it is more difficult to get so much space. Each one has its favorite shampoo, more conditioner, hair product to be smooth, curled, wet effect, and more creams for each area of the body, etc …
Here at home, we are 5 and a bathroom, a good story.
It’s pretty big I can not complain about, but keeping it always organized is tricky.


We reformed the sink cabinet. Soon a major reform.
And lastly we did a cabinet with baskets, which helped to organize better, and no hand marks on doors and drawers. We need to adapt the house to our needs, right?
Beautiful ideas will make the most of every corner of the bathroom.


Shelves over the vase will gain more space.
Paper holder fixed to the side of the cabinet


Another option is to take advantage of the cabinet side


If you live for rent, or if you do not want to make a closet, a shelf helps in the lack of space


Narrow and tall cabinet, right in the corner, a great solution and that stores a lot



Staircase. They sell ready, but it is very easy to do as well.
Nothing more than trays of different sizes, fixed with slats.
Then just decorate as you want



Baskets fixed to the wall with hooks


Mini corner cabinet.



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