Make a Lamp Using Your Old Functional Figures

If you still have action figures from your childhood, this could be a perfect DIY project for you.


You can move your obsession to adulthood into a whole new reality with this perfect lamp, you can make your friends sick by putting this unique lamp in your bedroom or in your salon. What do you know about the best part? It’s not hard to build, and only a few pieces are needed. Here’s how you can do it.

You are right: Your favorite heroes can become your favorite lamp.



You can start with a simple lamp and choose the characters you like.

Attach the characters to the floor and fix them in the positions you choose.

 Now, cover the whole thing with a liner.

 After drying the lining, he came to paint the gold color of the line.

 The new basic part is quite compatible with the simple white chandelier heading (which is also very cheap).

 And it is absolutely personalizable: you can arrange for your child’s room and choose his favorite characters.

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