How to Measure for Curtains

How to Measure for Curtains

If you are thinking about remodeling your House decoration, change the curtains can be an excellent option. Learn how to set the correct measures of curtains.<

Choose the correct measures of curtains is not always as easy as it looks. In fact, as the curtain can even change the whole atmosphere of a Division (both positive, as negatively). So follow closely our tips to get results that improve and enhance the features of your bedroom or living room.




To know the width of the fabric, it is necessary to multiply the total width of the fabric by 3, which, by using it, should be slightly wider than the width of the window. The bar must have a maximum of 10cm for the sides of the window. Thus, the shirred fabric will have a pleasing curl and will better cover the outside light.



As a general rule, the rod should be 15cm away from the top of the window. However, in some specific cases, this can be changed. If the right foot of your house is very tall, you can widen this distance to 20 or 25 cm, which will give the feel of a larger window, thus accompanying the whole atmosphere of a room of this type.




Letting the curtain fall to the floor usually gives a larger window feel and, therefore, gives more space to the room. However, there are those who prefer the shorter curtains. In this case, there are some rules to follow: if the distance from the bottom of the window to the floor is greater than 60cm, the curtain should end approximately halfway through this distance; if from window to floor, the distance is less than 60cm, the curtain should go to the bottom.

Is there, under the window, some piece of furniture, such as a desk or desk? Then it is advisable to leave only 2cm of distance between the furniture top and the curtain.

As in many aspects of decorating a home, trends tend to dictate what looks best to us visually. It was fashionable to see curtains beating the floor exaggeratedly, which is no longer the case. Fortunately, nowadays, this trend is passed. This is because, in addition to giving a heavier air to the partition, the curtain to drag on the floor becomes more conducive to the accumulation of dirt – which is neither practical nor hygienic.

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