How to Make Concrete Letters Step by Step

How about this super cool tip to decorate your room, gift a love or friend with initials. Concrete objects leave the environment modern and stylish. Even more concrete letters that are customizable to each owner and can be colored and texturized any way you want.


Above we see a common use on tables and shelves of books where the letters are used as support on account of weight.

Materials needed to make concrete letters

  • Grout cement or mortar
  • Liquid or paste petroleum jelly
  • Aluminum wire
  • Preformed cardboard letters (or assemble your own letters as described in the video at the end of the post)
  • Water as much as enough (use the amount indicated by the manufacturer of the cement or mortar)
  • Stylus
  • Bowl and spoon to mix

Concrete letters step by step

First we go to the preparation of the mold from ready made cardboard letters.You can also make your own letters using pen sheet.

Then pass petroleum jelly on the inner surface of the mold as the cardboard absorbs the water from the cement and becomes soft and adheres to the surface of the letter. Vaseline serves precisely to facilitate removal of the mold after drying.



Do this by mixing the cement ingredients according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the cement packaging.

Now an important step. The cement is hard but brittle and to prevent it from cracking it is important to use a wire frame. It is not difficult to make with proper aluminum wire. The indicated one is to fill half of the letter, to insert the frame and soon to complete with cement to avoid filth.


Then attach the letter so that it holds shape during drying. Use boxes and paper ribbons to help with this task.

Wait for up to 24 hours and use the stylus to facilitate the removal of the cardboard from the shape.

Ready! The letters are beautiful and suitable for use.




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