How to get a more stylish home with little money

Tips to make your home more beautiful

Having a more elegant and worthy home is not always possible, as the budget can be short. However, there are little tricks that can make all the difference and make your home the place you’ve always wanted: well decorated, stylish and very comfortable.

Elements such as colors, key objects, and lighting can completely transform the environment of a given space. There are cheap decorating pieces that will make all the difference in your bedroom, living room or kitchen. Learn some tips to make your home more stylish with a realistic budget.



For those who want elegance combined with comfort, the idea is to bet in more neutral tones, to create sober and modern spaces. One tip is to use different shades of the same color, such as light and dark grays or sand shades with whites or browns, giving more prominence to the objects you have in space.


We say that you can have the best of both worlds in one space: why not combine furniture and modern decorations with more classic elements or vintage pieces? Try it, you will see that the contrast will bring a unique elegance to space.


Plants can bring a fresh, natural environment to any space, whether in the lobby, living room or office. A green leafy plant will contrast with the walls in neutral tones and will bring more life to space. We advise plants such as cacti, mother tongue, indoor boxwood or jade plant.


The excess of decorative elements can make the environment heavy – do you remember your grandmother’s house, full of figurines, plants, and frames? Here the rule is moderation. All elements are welcome as long as they are not in excess. And there are some who can not even miss. Now look:


The cushions are a factor of elegance when properly chosen. In addition, they offer comfort, both on the sofa and in the bed. In regard to size, you should bet on medium-sized cushions, but in large quantity, to the detriment of many small or large cushions. However, it can also play with various size, exposing from the largest to the smallest. Worthy of the hotel room, right?

Never forget that all spaces in your home should be well lit. If possible, opt for a house with lots of natural light, it will make the spaces more spacious and cozy. At night, opt for several lamps in the same room, in different sizes and shapes. For the room, bedrooms and dining room opt for yellowish light. For the kitchen, you can opt for whiter light bulbs.

A good choice, which serves not only as a decorative element but which can help illuminate, is the candle. Arrange several on your living room’s coffee table to bring more elegance to space. You can choose an aroma that pleases you, to always have a pleasant smell in the room.


Uncovered windows can give an unfinished and naked air to a room. Choose curtains in natural silk, linen, and cotton and in neutral colors with interesting patterns, to create a cozy and comfortable environment. If curtains do not please you, you can opt for blinds.

Ready to create a magazine-worthy environment? Follow our tips and make your home more stylish.

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