How to choose the right curtain: all you need to know

The curtains are essential pieces for the decoration of your house and combine a series of important functionalities. Learn how to choose the right curtain for you.


Knowing how to choose the ideal curtain is crucial so that the decoration of your home can be harmonious – that is, that adds the decorative effect to its most practical and useful functions. The curtains serve not only to decorate a room, but also as a way to control the luminosity and temperature of the space, and can still be fundamental to guarantee privacy. But, it is not only: the curtains contribute, and much, to the air that the division has. If they are poorly thought out, the negative effect is so strong that this will be one of the first impressions of who enters.

There are many doubts in choosing and we often opt for the wrong offer. To say goodbye to the mistakes and get the curtains ordered, stay tuned for our tips.



If your room or room has an intense sunlight, avoid dark fabrics, as they will increase the temperature of the room.
If your goal is a stylish, classic yet modern look, opt for lightweight and lightweight fabrics because they easily match with other decorating elements of the room.

Check with the vendor for the type of fabric of the curtains: if you have a shrinkage percentage, pre-wash so that the measurements are well.
If it is more practical to wash the curtains at home, opt for synthetic fabrics since the natural fabrics are more demanding and should be washed in specialized places.
The rod is the most pleasant option to hang your curtains, since it also contributes to the decoration, besides being easier to remove the curtains and wash it.
Dark-colored curtains tend to lose color over time, so choose lighter colors instead.
Strongly patterned curtains should only be used as a second light curtain since they will be most of the time open to the sides – so they do not weigh so much in the atmosphere of the room.

If your bathroom has windows that need curtains, always opt for PVC materials, since the moisture could ruin the fabrics quickly.
If the division of the house where you want to place the curtains is cold, always choose curtains with overlays, so it will be easier to keep the temperature pleasant.
As a general rule, curtains should go all the way to the bottom of the wall, although short curtains may look good in children’s bedrooms. However, you can read our article about the correct curtain measures.
Curtains are generally composed of two equal parts, but in the case of windows or doors that open only on one side, you can also opt for an entire fabric that will offer greater fluidity to the room.
With these tips on how to choose the ideal drapery will make it much easier to make informed decisions that fit well with your home.


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