Houses inspired by Madrid

It is open in Madrid until the 25th day of the Casa Decor.
Built in a historic apartment building, built between 1901 and 1903.
There are 3100 m2 of exposure in 67 environments. Rectangular plan building, with two facades and many windows. Bright with internal courtyard and two apartments per floor. A building that already has its charm.
I like some things and some do not.
I was more of a fan of decoration shows, perhaps because I studied decoration long before the digital era. I actually graduated in 2000 at the beginning of the internet boom (which was still being called . .) There was not so much information, neither variety nor facilities to find and buy certain materials. It was very cataloged in the paper (that we asked for via telephone), lots of sample and of course to visit a Casa Cor, for example, was to really see the news of the market.
Today with so much inspiration on the net, it’s hard to see something amazing.
And just like fashion shows, not everything is meant to be used at home anymore.
Very mosaic, velvet sofas, textures on the walls, touches of the 60s and 70s, etc …
Beautiful ideas and some not so beautiful to inspire.


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