Enhance Your Space with a Bathroom Wall Mirror

When it comes to the bathroom wall mirror, no longer is it just a bathroom fixture used to reflect your image. Instead, the bathroom wall mirror has become a fabulous feature of the space. From entire wall covering mirrors to ornate individual ones, the bathroom wall mirror has taken on many forms and functions.

The lighted bathroom wall mirror is a pre-lit mirror in which the lights are built into the mirror. They are more pricey than the average mirror but the perks are their ability to defog quickly thanks to the heat from the inner lighting and their ability to enhance the space with their sleek, minimalist design.


The ornate and decorative bathroom wall mirror can take many different forms from golden fleur delis to chrome framing with lacquered accents. The decorative bathroom mirror can even feature themed designs such as wildlife carvings, etched sea life scenes or artistically and uniquely shaped frameless mirrors.

Bathroom Small Space Design

The bathroom mirror can be custom created or purchases off the shelf. They range in price from $40 on up to well over $500 depending on size, materials and whether it’s custom made or not. Choosing the right mirror can make or break a bathroom remodel. Also, for a double sink vanity, it’s important to decide if you’d rather have a full mirror or individual mirrors over each sink. Many homeowners choose the individual bathroom mirror over the full wall style. This look is more contemporary, up to date and more sleek than the full wall mirror. Individual bathroom wall mirrors look terrific with vessel sinks and ultra contemporary wall mounted sinks as well as traditional bathroom vanities depending on the style and frame design of the mirrors.


Shopping for a bathroom wall mirror is easy when done from the comfort of your own home. Online bathroom supply companies, as well as home accessory retailers and even department and big box online stores sites, have a wide variety of bathroom mirrors to choose from. Of course, the mirrors need not be specifically designated as bathroom mirrors and for that reason, can be found in furniture stores as well. For the budget conscious homeowner, look for free and low-cost shipping deals and don’t forget to check out clearance sections of online retail sites. Many Internet retailers discount last season’s merchandise, but when it comes to mirrors, who really cares what season it was released?

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