DIY:An embroidered tablecloth for the summer

Summer is the season of picnics on the beach, improvised dinettes and lunches in the garden in the shade of an umbrella or a cherry tree. At the park as on your micro-city balcony, a beautiful colorful tablecloth will bring a cheerful note to the slightest sandwich break and the simplest to taste! Just an embroidery of pink flamingos and monstera leaves, well aligned at the edge or randomly sown on a linen canvas, and it is immediately party!



– a cotton or linen tablecloth of the color of your choice
– the embroidery thread (here DMC molded cotton No. 910, 605, 310 and 987)
– an embroidery needle n ° 8
A drum of diameter 15
– a water-resistant felt
– scissors

DIY tablecloth material

Budget: 30 euros
Duration: a few hours depending on the size of your tablecloth




1. Download and print the embroidery patterns.

Pattern embroidery flamingo pink




2. Transfer them to your fabric with transfer paper or by transparently transferring them on a glass. If you know how to draw, you can also run freehand directly on the fabric.





3. Cut a measure of embroidery thread (about 70 cm) and divide it into 3: you will embroider only two threads at a time. Attach the area to embroider the fabric on the drum and make sure the canvas is tight. Thread the threads through the needle eye and embroider by following the patterns at the chain stitch as shown in the diagram.






4. Embroider by color to save time; All the green motifs, then the pink flamingos, then the details in black (eyes, paws, beaks). Between each pattern, stop your work by a small knot. It is always better to avoid thread lengths on the reverse side of the embroidery.





5. Once the embroidery is complete, wet the fabric to remove traces of felt. Iron your work.




Your tablecloth is ready to accompany you for your summer picnics!

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