DIY Tangram Puzzles Inspired Modular Carpet

More than five leftover carpet tiles for your Tangram rug, so each piece of the Tangram puzzle has its own color. Try not to bring Boucle carpet tiles as their edges are very rough after cutting and often interfere with the pattern lines. Frieze carpet tiles work very well.
1 cutting mat, could actually be wood or something thrown away.
1 Stanley knife + new blades.
1 large roll of tape or tape, use only high quality materials.
If you are using a ruler with a good high cutting edge or a straight metal profile with high edges and handle bar, your ruler has handles that make it easier to apply pressure to the tile and keep it away from the knife.

Step one: Collect and mark your carpet tiles

Step 2: Cut the Tile in the Tangram Puzzles Shapes

 Step 3: Repeat Previous Steps With the Other Carpet Tiles

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