DIY: Making a garage for miniature cars

If there is indeed a toy that is as much appreciated by the children as the adults, it is indeed the miniature automobiles! Whether it’s replicas of luxury cars or fire trucks, we’ve all already played with these little cars, creating all kinds of scenarios and circuits. Today, we will make a mini wooden garage for small cars!


The materials:
– Miniature cars;
– A cardboard tube;
– A small wooden box;
– A cutter ;
– A bomb paint (optional)



The steps
1. Start by measuring the depth of the wooden box and cut the tube to the correct dimensions. Tip, draw a mark on the entire side of the tube to make sure you cut straight.


2. Depending on the desired rendering, paint tube pieces with spray paint. To do this, put yourself outside or in a well-ventilated room and hold the bomb about twenty centimeters from the pieces. Also, as I advise systematically, privilege the paint bombs used by the graffiti artists! Less expensive and easier to handle, this is a big yes for your crafts.



In the end
And now, you just have to add a little sign over it and you’re done, you can post your garage on a shelf! I had thought to realize this tutorial with crates of wine repainted for a more vintage effect, it’s up to you to see.


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