DIY: decorating tips in wood

Just as birds make their nests, so do our little houses with all the love. And you know what? Leisure and hot days are a great time to get busy and start thinking about a more rustic and organic decoration! The wood is a material of excellent quality and we easily have access to fallen tree trunks, branches or branches, which we can turn into decorative notes. And the best thing is that if we are inventive we get very beautiful pieces and practically at zero cost! Do you want ideas? See all here! You will be amazed by these decorating and DIY tips on wood!


And it starts already in the best way, with a corner table for the living room which is a charm. It may seem difficult to do but if you look closely you will see that you have no secrets. Just a wooden board to be made of the base, a series of wooden trunks glued to the base, and to each other, vertically. Add four casters underneath if you want to move it from side to side and voila! Just have to be aware of the size of the trunks, they should have similar heights so that they have a completely flat surface to land their things.


If you’re like me, you love having a good wine at home to serve your guests or that friend who pops up without warning for a movie and sushi session. Therefore, having a quaint place to store and at the same time expose your bottles is essential. An unexpected and beautiful piece of furniture is this, that you can do yourself. Simply drill a tree trunk with the size of the bottles and then arrange them into the holes. The only thing to keep in mind: the trunk should be thick and heavy so as not to tip over when placing the bottles.



Why a coffee table in the living room was really coming, right? Already now to match the wine cellar! Once again the tree trunks glued together and this time arranged horizontally. Size is the most important, they must be very similar. Then the more spinning part adds several branches, from the thinnest on the 3 sides, excluding the base. Put a glass top and decorate with a flower, a jar, a set of magazines … The choice is yours.



This lamp gives a little more work but is worth the effort for the final result! Stick several wooden chopsticks, both on top and bottom. Pass a wire or other sturdy material and form a circle. When you are ready to dock it into the base of your lamp and you will feel like you have bought a new one.


This is for you, who has high stairs at home. A dream handrail: beautiful and very natural!

To give a different touch to our work corner or even reading, we can choose to renovate the lamp. Having a focus of directed light gives away when we want to read or write for a few hours. A very creative way to reuse what you already have at home is to just add a log to your space. Place in the place you want to light and then wrap around the old lamp wire that you already had at home. It’s amazing!


Whoever has a garden knows how wonderful it is to put his hands on the ground and plant. To vary from the usual vases, a giant wooden trunk is a great idea! Remove the inside of the trunk and carve a “walk” for the earth and flowers. Like it? I love!



A lovely bedside table. In this case, you can enjoy the legs of a table that already has at home and that is in good condition. Recycle, with a slice of a beautiful tree trunk to make the top.


Also, the dining area can be beautifully lit. Have you seen how it gives a super rustic and at the same time luxurious mega this tree trunk on the table? It is a long lamp that you can do without spending a lot of money. Ask your ingenious friends for help!




Small, original hand-made notes make all the difference in the décor of our home! With sticks, trunks, and twigs you can make an endless number of small pieces like bases for candles, cups and vases, decorated bowls, centerpieces … Inspire yourself!






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