Decorative objects with old wood parts

If you like nature, wood, I’m sure the following will attract you. You can make incredibly beautiful objects with old wood fragments that you collect from nature. With a little hand tool you can easily make the materials you use in your everyday life, such as shelves, lamps or candle holders. If you want to buy these, be prepared to give them herpes prices.


Make the easiest book holder. If the piece you have taken from the tree is not too large, you can pin it to your rack with a nail or screw aid.

 Have you ever seen a pot of wood? Open a small hole in the drill and place your mini-plant  Another easy object here. Using a large tree would be nice for hangers. You can use it to pin 2 pieces of nails. It’s up to you to decorate.   You can do the same in small branches of trees.  It’s simple but effective candle holders.  You’re going to need a saw. You need to fix it a little behind.  A large tree branch and a piece of the drill. Everything’s ready for a little candle.  What’s being done with a decorative rope. You can make American service from the same thickness branches.   Decorative rad shaped candle holders. It’s easy to do, and it looks great.  You must be a little lucky for that. Sometimes you can come up with an old tree that can stand this way without any processing.

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