Decorating trends for 2018: 8 color pallets to consider

If you are thinking of renovating your home, stop and read this article on decoration trends for 2018. Discover the palettes of colors that are the trend.


Before you start renovating your home, it is imperative that you get to know the decorating trends for 2018. We were stalking the colors chosen by Pantone for 2018 and we were dazzled.

If you were thinking of a simplistic, clear decoration, based on Scandinavian tendencies, forget it! This year is to risk everything in terms of color and decoration.3





Pantone, which is the company whose color system is the reference in this regard, has already chosen the colors for 2018, the queen being UltraViolet. Still according to the famous company, UltraViolet is an inventive and imaginative color, which paves the way for the future.

But then, what other trends follow the UltraViolet Queen in decorating for 2018? Look at them here. Pantone has prepared 8 color pallets that will be, without a doubt, the decoration trends for 2018.


The TECH-nique palette reveals a set of colors that blended turquoise and light pink. Choose your favorite to paint one wall and take advantage of the others to make various notes on decoration, whether with textiles or even with decorative objects.

Discrete tones for a home that follows the latest trends in decor. This palette brings us shades of pink and purple that can be a bit more controversial, giving the house a more feminine touch.

The Resourceful palette brings a combination that, at first glance, may seem a bit strange, but that actually works out very well. Oranges and blues. If you like different colors, this may be the option for your home.

A pallet that mixes warm tones with the sophistication of gold. On this pallet, you will find claret red, browns, and golds, which will give the decoration of your house a more welcoming, always with refinement.

On this pallet you will find the claret red again, but this time with yellow. A pallet that “reaches and embraces many different cultures,” according to Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of Pantone.

Thinking about the Playful palette is to think of cheerful colors and fun. The purpose of this pallet is to make people smile. All this at the expense of yellow.

According to the opinion of Leatrice Eiseman, this palette symbolizes health, or its colors were not green, always linked to nature and well-being. Choose to paint the wall in one of these shades, or choose to use them in small notes here and there.

On the Intricacy palette, you will find metallic tones, claret red, and roasted yellow. Little common, it is a fact, but the goal is to have an original decoration and nothing boring.

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