Dare to create new decorative pots for your plants

Want to re-decorate your home by changing pots or stands for your plants? Have you thought about distracting everyday objects to turn them into decorative pots?


Dare the impertinence! Do not throw away anything and recycle your objects in trendy supports and new decorative pots for your plants. Old dishes, old toys will surprise you by the rendering.

The old gutters

We do not always think about it, but the gutters have the ideal shape to offer a perfect support to your plants. In the manner of a planter, it is enough to put earth or potting soil in the bottom and to install the plants there. For interior decoration, favor a new stainless steel gutter, to be fixed on a wooden board to receive aromatic plants. Inside or outside its curved shape makes it a very fashionable decoration.

Sugar boxes

When one goes back to the florist, one always raves on the boxes or the various boxes in which are arranged the compositions. With a sugar box or a small braided box, it is simple to do the same and create a beautiful decoration for your plants. Whatever the material, any box can become a very decorative container to make yourself a beautiful composition. The advantage is that you can hunt old sugar boxes or choose new ones and get as well, an original container for three times nothing.
Old tea sets

Among your keychain or that of your grandmother is a magnificent tea set with deep cups and a delicate teapot. If the idea of separating you is totally unbearable, use them to house small greasy plants or flowers that bloom in small clumps, such as violets, kalanchoe or any flower that will inspire you. You will be able to dispose them at your disposal on your table or a piece of furniture.

Watering cans, basins, and other metal buckets

We all saw that when we were on vacation with our grandparents in the country: the old metal buckets or the pay watering can. Rather than throw them away and turn them into a trendy decoration for your flower beds? What you would have liked to throw away a few years ago, will become a trendy and vintage decoration. In the same way, you can divert an old kettle, whose tank will turn into a wonderful pot. Do not try to give them their shine, it is this patinated side that gives them all their charm. Begin to hunt in the attics, you will find smart objects for your decorative pots.
Rubber boots

The rubber boot is by definition the accessory of the garden. What if it became the decoration of the garden? A stroke of paint, some funny patterns and hanging on a wall or along a barrier, the rubber boots become wonderful vases. To reserve to the flowers with long stems of course. Note that it is possible to do the same with plastic garden clogs. If you choose the clogs, note that the wooden clogs are much more elegant, especially if you live in the mountains or in the countryside. This nature side makes it a decoration with even more character.


It takes a little to get all the old jars of your mother’s jam to the rubbish dump. Have you thought about turning them into decorative objects and more particularly to transform them into decorative pots for your plants and your flowers? For some time the deco trend is to the making of terrariums of all kinds and to the walls of plants. The large 5 it pots of sterilization in which the beans were put, will become a wonderful bell to grow plants and to form small indoor gardens by adding moss, earth, and a ficus plant. As for the jam jars, fill them with soil, put your plants there and then fix them to a hook with solid ties. You can also hang them like a mobile to make an original decoration in a kitchen.

Plastic bottle bottoms

Plastic pollutes! So do not throw away your empty bottles and turn them into beautiful vases for your creeping plants. Cut the bottom of a plastic bottle and transform it with a little imagination into a very nice vase.
Prefer nonetheless the hard plastic bottles that will have a better hold. Create a nice shape, use a little paint and here is a beautiful workshop decoration, why not with children. Thanks to the light weight of the plastic bottles, you can also make small holes to hang your pots under a shelf or on the side of a piece of furniture.


Recycle your old wooden or plastic toys

Difficult to separate from your wooden train or this plastic truck offered to your little one for these 3 years … but 15 years ago. And if this same truck, became the main element of your next floral composition? A little brushing, a layer of paint and here is this truck like new. He has new adventures and you a little pinch every time you look at your garden or on your terrace. And yes, this truck will slip easily into the landscape and will bring a malicious decorative touch to your exterior with these decorative pots. We just had to think about it.

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