Creative chicken Coops

if you have a home with garden, you can install coop for this way, you can eat healthy nutrition with family.also, you can have a colorful and funny backyard. if you have children, you can teach to be responsible. Let’s start with a simple coop.

A model that can be used especially for those with a large garden house.


cute and useful coop

this model useful for small backyards.closed area and little house design are so useful for chickens.


high from ground coop model


this model prepared so big for chicken needs provide for best in a closed area. Coop has a two door for chickens. the first door is a normal door but the second door can open two sides.


a wooden coop design


this model has a window and a special door also front part of the coop covered with wire.the coop has a roost in itself.


adaptable coop with national beauty fo garden


it has a big, wired and completely green door, therefore you can easily take fresh eggs with your family


Spacious coop 


That’s my favorite desgin. it’s spacious for chicken.ı has a small home for chicken and excursion area. you can take easily egg from part of the back. you can see cover at the image.

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