black and white bathroom curtains

The bathroom is not just a shower or a place to wash or clean, but also a part of our home. Therefore deserves an aesthetic appearance as much as other rooms. There are countless options to beautify the bathrooms, you can refresh the floors, walls and many other things. The bathroom curtain is one of them. Bathrooms are usually small windows, but it is possible to beautify the bathrooms with curtains. Below you will find 10 examples of bathroom curtains.

In the photo, we see a young couple of apartment bathroom was quite large and spacious. The large walls with stoned corners mirror and tasteful selections of country-style white sink countertops. The bathroom window may look small. The curtains evoke the baroque period.

If you imagine a black-and-white bathroom, the result would be like the picture above. The SIAP curtains are perfectly matched with the black and white tiles on the floor. You can design one of the curtains as white.

We can catch the harmony by choosing black and white in our shower curtains.As you can see in the picture above you will get a nice decorating idea with the tubs if you choose a bit vintage in the curtains.

You have seen the skull-shaped rebel curtain above:). If you want to go into your own bathroom, you should actually do it yourself. So you can make yourself special instead of buying it ready.

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