Arrange your garden floor with clever decorative ideas

Illuminate your garden

A deckchair, garden furniture, a barbecue, but how to turn this land into a peaceful haven with a pleasant decoration and well arranged its garden level? With some very fashionable arrangements, it will be easy to transform this square of grass into something really trendy.

In the summer we really want to enjoy the garden as late as possible. It is the moment when temperatures fall and become bearable. Installed comfortably in your living room of garden, you must return because of lack of luminosity. And if you bring light to your garden by creating what’s more, a magnificent exterior decoration? Install bright spots in your plantations, between the blades of a palisade or why not directly in the midst of your perennials or hedges. To solve the problems of power supply, privilege solar outdoor spotlights to embed or to plant. These scattered light spots will create a totally intimate and cozy atmosphere and will allow you to enjoy your outdoors longer.

Add a wooden deck

Having a piece of greenery is good, but it should not be forgotten that this turf must be maintained. If you want to reduce your grass surface and give character to your outside, create a wooden deck. This is the must of the outdoor decor. All the cachet of this terrace will come from the choice you will make for the wood. European wood, exotic wood, grating or blades, many possibilities are available now, even at least handyman of you. For example, the grating is suitable for small spaces with dimensions of 50 x 50 cm and has the advantage of being able to modulate the slabs together to form an aesthetic effect. The blades, on the other hand, will be privileged to give on the contrary an effect of depth and grandeur to his garden.

Defining a zen space

Au cœur de ce grand carré de verdure, vous avez envie d’avoir un coin bien à vous pour vous ressourcer. Pourquoi ne pas faire de ce jardin minimalisme un jardin zen ? Quelle que soit la taille que vous lui consacrerez, l’important est de s’y sentir bien et de venir s’y ressourcer, voir méditer pour tous ceux qui sont adeptes de ces temps de recentrage. Le jardin zen ou le jardin japonais comprend toujours des éléments clés en termes de déco : l’élément pierre (galets, graviers, pierres plates), des plantes vertes, des fleurs en restant dans un camaïeu de couleurs et si possible un point d’eau. Ce point d’eau peut être un petit bassin ou une fontaine. Pour créer de façon harmonieuse son jardin, il est bon de faire au préalable un schéma sur une feuille de papier. Votre jardin zen doit être bien délimité et les éléments disposés de façon esthétique. Un jardin zen organisé apportera le repos.

Creating an outdoor dining area

In the minds of everyone, having an outside is synonymous with barbecues and cocktails with friends to enjoy the sweetness of an evening. If you have enough space and time to set up your garden level, you can create a dining area or a bar outside. All the trends are possible to create a cozy space and friendly outside. In town, you can play with the solid metal of the table or bar tray for an ultra modern design. Univers that will be completed with a barbecue in the shape of a ball. For a house in the countryside, it is better to give priority to rustic materials such as stone and wood to create an outdoor kitchen. Finally, if you want to stay in the sober, opt for comfortable garden furniture in woven resin, a high bar with a few stools and a gas grill mounted on roulette. The entrecôte will be just as tasty.

Make a small kitchen  

No need to call himself “Nicholas the Gardener” to make a small piece of vegetable garden at the bottom of his field. This is even the main advantage especially when you are a city dweller. With a few deco tricks well thought out, it is easy to make its little vegetable garden for some vegetables and some aromatic plants. The decorative idea to make a stylized kitchen garden is to use square or rectangular wooden bins, flush with the ground or on 3 floors. For all those who are sensitive to the back, the raised vegetable square is a solution not to sulk to avoid stooping by picking up the radishes. Remember to recycle your boxes of wine bottles. Their sizes are ideal for forming small, elegant ensembles.

Creating an aquatic space

Ideal solution for creating both a trendy outdoor decoration and refreshing the garden during the hot days, the fountain or the garden pond will be the added advantage of your outside. Several materials such as wood, metal or stone will allow you to create your own style according to your desires. The lapping of the water will also have soothing virtues after a long day. The basins, for their part, are used to house fish or aquatic plants. Suitable for large spaces, they require specific equipment for water treatment.

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