Add A Little Touch With A Antique Mirror

You may be looking to add a little touch of history to your home, in that case, an antique mirror would add a unique and beautiful touch to any room.

Antique MirrorBefore shopping for antique mirrors, be sure to measure the area in which you intend on placing it, then measure the mirror when you find the one you like, to assure a perfect fit. They can be found at any Antique shop or Antique mall. There are replicas and period mirrors available if you find an old one that you like but the mirror may be damaged, the glass can be replaced.

Some Ideas Of Antique Mirrors You Can Begin Looking For

Antique Wall Mirror
Antique French Mirror
Antique Hand Mirror
Large Antique mirror
Antique Mirror Glass
Antique Dresser With Mirror
Antique Floor Mirror
Antique Mirror Frame
Of the above, the antique French mirrors are the most popular ones to find. The antique wall mirrors antique hand mirrors or the most typical antiqued mirror you can find today.

Other Antiqued Mirrors that you might want to collect:

Antique Oak Mirror
Antique Oval Mirror
Antique Vanity Mirror
Antique Brass Mirror
Antique Convex Mirror
Antique Cheval Mirror
Antique Gold Mirrors
Antique Pine Mirror
Whether you are searching for Victorian or a more modern version, there are many varieties of antique mirrors available and shopping for one can be a daunting, but fun experience.

Refinished mirrors can have a natural, rustic look also known as distressed. There are multiple techniques for achieving an authentic looking appearance. However, if you have a genuine antique, refinishing it might make it decrease in value, Having it restored may be a better option. Sometimes an old mirror just may need to be cleaned and since most commercial cleaners can damage the surface further there is a homemade cleaner you can make to gently clean it.

With an empty spray bottle combine two parts water to one part rubbing alcohol and add a few drops of dish detergent and you’re all set. Now using a cotton ball, which works best for getting into the crevices in the detail, wipe gently.

Even this cleaner may be to harsh for some frames, depending on the type of wood so in this case just a damp cloth with a mild soap. If there is still damage you may want to consider restoration or having the glass re-silvered. Once you have your, new Antique mirror hanging in your home, it is sure to become your favorite piece in the house.

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