8 plants that guarantee privacy at home

To make your garden more privacy at home, choose the plants you have in this space. Notice the advantages of our suggestions.


To get more privacy at home, there are plants that help a lot. In addition to beautifying the space, they prevent outside looks from penetrating inside your home.





The tuia vulgar, or thuja occidentalis, is a coniferous plant of the Cupressaceae family. It is ideal to have in your garden, because it is a very leafy plant and intensely fragrant, which makes this space, in addition to being more modest, but attractive olfactory. This persistent leaf plant is excellent for making a kind of fence. In addition to adapting well to various types of soil, it is still low maintenance.




Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants. It creates an elegant and exotic barrier and you can achieve it very quickly. However, be careful when choosing the type of bamboo, as some varieties are quite invasive. You can choose to plant it in tall pots where it is easier to control your growth.




This small persistent leaf tree is an excellent choice for your garden. It should be well exposed to the sun and requires well-drained soils. In addition to being able to use their leaves, especially after drying, as an ingredient to flavor their cooking, some species give a very beautiful white flower.



There are many varieties of holly, but all are fantastic for creating privacy at home. These small trees are very beautiful and add a nice color to your garden. If you have children, be sure to make sure the leaves are quite stiff and sharp, so they can sting the most sensitive ones.




The buxo or buxinho is a species of shrub with whole and perennial leaves. It is widely used to create fences, using frequent cuts, which also prevents the plant from blossoming. It is ideal for creating different shapes – topiary -, which can enrich your garden by adding sculpted figures in the box. Excellent choice for those looking for privacy at home.


Cornus sericea


This small tree with red branches, although it is deciduous, is a good idea to create privacy in your home, because it grows with some speed and can reach 2.5 meters in height and about 3 meters in width.


Akebia quinata

This shrub is native to the regions of Japan and is known in some places as the vine of chocolate. It is suitable for gardens as it has dense foliage and, at the beginning of summer, very fragrant lilac flowers grow.



This shrub is very common in our country. Their varieties have different colors and sizes and are easily moldable to create fantastic green fences. It is very easy to maintain, as it tolerates all types of climate well and even grows on poor soils.

All these plants have in common the advantage of offering great privacy to your garden and also to your home. In this way, you can enjoy your outdoor and indoor spaces without being always worried about other people’s eyes. In addition, they are natural elements that give a quiet and serene atmosphere to your home.

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