8 chairs of consecrated design to inspire

The chairs are extraordinary pieces in the decoration of a house and also fundamental when it comes to the comfort of who sits. Here are some inspiring design chairs to inspire.


The 8 chairs of consecrated design that we present to you next are really extraordinary pieces that combine the comfort, the quality, and the beauty. Although some can reach exorbitant prices, typical of real works of art, we know that knowing them can influence and inspire our imagination and then we go looking for pieces that make our home more elegant, sophisticated, modern and, clear, comfortable.


Creator: Pierre Paulin
Year: 1965
Features: This chair, besides resembling a tulip – hence its name – has only one base, thus eliminating the traditional four legs, something that its creator thought to make people’s lives simpler.This chair was especially famous after being used in the Star Trek series.
Creator: Arne Jacobsen
Year: 1958
Features: This chair combines the comfort of your materials and shapes with the beauty of the final piece. Produced to decorate the lobby of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, it was so successful that it is still produced today.
Creator: Antoni Bonet, Juan Kurchan, and Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy
Year: 1938
Characteristics: Its main characteristic is the comfort and it is even considered a symbol of modernity and design. It is one of the important pieces exhibited at MoMA in New York.
Creator: Verner Panton
Year: 1960
Features: It is the first plastic chair in the world, famous for not having any division between the seat and the structure. Also, it is the first to be made without feet. The beauty of the piece is complemented by the comfort it offers.
Creator: Paulo Mendes da Rocha
Year: 1957
Features: The frame is made of stainless steel and the leather seat. For its elegance and modernity, it is part of the MoMA collection of New York. In addition, she won the Pritzker Prize in 2006.
Creator: Marcel Breuer
Year: 1925
Features: Known for its rational and constructive design, this chair is the symbol of the Bauhaus school. It gained its name due to the fact that the painter Wassily Kandinsky liked the piece and to have had two in his personal rooms.
Creator: Charles and Ray Eames
Year: 1956
Features: Composed of chair and puff, made of leather and wood, this piece took years to be developed. Also part of the MoMA in New York, this piece is a symbol of comfort and quality.
Creator: Frank Gherry
Year: 1972
Features: Composed of 60 layers of robust, curvaceous cardboard, this chair was extremely innovative – not only in appearance but also in the material used. The success of this chair dictated the creation of a complete line of furniture.
These 8 chairs of consecrated design are extraordinary pieces that, besides impressing visually, offer comfort and well-being to its users. Thus, these 8 chairs are also symbols that marked specific moments in history, linked directly to artistic trends and technological evolution. Undoubtedly, a piece of these leaves any room to gain in elegance and sophistication – right?

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