6 tips to save space in a small kitchen

The central part of the house, the kitchen has to be friendly but also functional, even when it is small! So when there is no room, no panic, there are tricks that will change your life and make your little kitchen a practical room where it is nice to cook! Here you are given a little help: Fill up with ideas of developments thanks to clever storage, a central island, space-saving cupboards or baseboards … The possibilities are multiple and varied and will not miss Sublimate the cuisine while making it practical for your greatest happiness!

An ingenious drawer and space saving in a small kitchen


A  clever idea for storing spices, cans, cans or other small pots! Glued to the fridge, this fine, high-drawer drawer takes up a minimum of space to make your small kitchen a practical and functional place, an ingenious idea to make your life easier and more convenient!

Arrange credentials above the countertop




Offering an extra work surface or dining area with stools, there’s a table hidden in a drawer of the kitchen that does not lack ingenuity! Extractable, the tablet can be stowed away and left at your leisure according to your desires and your need in order to make room!

A discreet sub-plinth drawer and functional in a small kitchen



Using baseboards as storage space is a smart idea! With a plinth drawer, use all the space available in your small kitchen and you will then be certain to optimize 100% of the square meters of the room! Small and practical, they will offer you a very useful storage space!

A central island for more storage in a small kitchen



The kitchen island brings a little extra space to store in the kitchen! Taking up little space and arranged in the center, this is a work surface, a small nibbling unit or a storage unit that will save your life when you are in the kitchen!
Use the kitchen walls for even more storage



Fixing a credenza bar on the wall, what a sensible solution when you do not know where to put our utensils! Using the part of the wall above your sink, gloves, wooden spoon, whips and other tools will find their place in order to stay handy, ultra convenient! “Factory” suspended credenza kit, € 24.90, Castorama.



Optimize the space on the walls vertically by installing shelves and boxes to store all the objects you want to keep within reach, it’s smart! A storage solution that will surely delight more than one for a tidy space in a small kitchen!

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