6 ideas for making a sliding door yourself

The sliding door is our best ally to give a space look and save space in a room! By avoiding us from a conventional door, like the removable partition to separate a space in two, it saves us in many ways in the layout of our interior: Glass sliding door to gain luminosity , Made with recovery boards or sliding closets in the industrial style, ideas do not lack to insert in your decoration a sliding door ultra stylish! Cool Deco gives you tips to make a sliding door easily, so ZOU, to your tools!

Sliding doors in an industrial kitchen


Tired of classic or monotonous cupboards or shelves in your kitchen? This is what you need to boost your decor! Ultra trendy, the shelves above the countertop of this kitchen are closed with sliding doors resting on a system of glass panels. The semi-transparent doors are mounted on the rails of a metallic structure fixed firmly to the ceiling. A good idea to afford an industrial kitchen without any jostling in the kitchen!

Duo of wooden sliding doors in bedroom

In wood, the double sliding door opening on the bathroom gives a real charm to this parental room! Made with boards assembled in the style of the shed doors and mounted on a black iron rail, this pretty sliding door saves a considerable place in the room. Budget side, count 65 € of wood per door.

A sliding door saves space for the bathroom

Using an old recovery door you paint the color of your choice, give a new twist and space to your small bathroom by fitting it with a sliding door! Mounted on a rail long enough to slide the door on both walls, your recovery door will be the star of the bathroom. A space saving trick that will require very little tinkering.

A sliding door made with recovery boards

This is a sliding door that will make you crack for sure! Consisting of recycled wooden boards fixed to each other thanks to two metallic rulers, this sliding door mounted on a long rail becomes one of the strong deco elements of this living room atmosphere country house. Decorated with a flowery crown and a handle, this sliding door is not lacking in appearance and replaces with class a standard door.

A sliding door in the master bedroom

On the same style as an interior canopy, this glass sliding door mounted on an iron frame made by a metalworker, allows to put the luminosity in the room while separating the bathroom of the room. A modern and decoration for a parental suite charming to wish.

A modern sliding door with a large glass


In this architect’s house, the sliding door finds its perfect place between the kitchen and the living room! Made with plywood strips and plates on the principle of an ordinary door and totally painted in black, the one hundred and fifty square glass opens wide the space and exploits 100% the light brought by the picture windows of the kitchen .

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