5 Ideas to Decorate a Fireplace

Want to decorate a fireplace that does not work but do not know how well? So this article is for you. Take a look at our suggestions.


Looking for ideas to decorate a fireplace You’re in the right place! Let’s give you 5 suggestions here so you can choose your favorite and start decorating a fireplace.

A fireplace always gives a more welcoming air and even some charm to space, even if it is not working. But if it does not work, then the best thing is to decorate it and do not just leave it inside, decorate the wall too.






There is no denying that indoor plants add life to the spaces. If in your living room does not have much free space but has a fireplace that has no use, enjoy decorating with plants. Whether inside, or even lodges at the top of the fireplace, natural plants are a great way to decorate a fireplace that does not work.


2. ART



If you like art, then enjoy your non-working fireplace and use it as a kind of exhibitor. Whether with a few pictures on the fireplace wall or some objects at the top or even inside, use your imagination with taste.




Do you have little space to put your books or magazines? Why not use your fireplace? Use the top for the books, the inside for the magazines, add some pictures or even a natural plant. Just be careful not to put too much stuff on. When in doubt, opt for the simpler one.





Now here’s something you did not remember, right? Candles on the mantelpiece are normal, but inside the fireplace not at all. And it’s really a simple and inexpensive idea to decorate a fireplace that does not work. If this idea joins art or even a natural plants on top, your fireplace will stay the maximum.





The fireplace has stopped working but does it still have wood at home? So peek into this idea to decorate a fireplace that does not work. Place the wooden logs inside the fireplace. Paint them or leave them to the natural, the choice is yours, but the idea is very beautiful.

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