5 Good Reasons to renovation the Bathroom

Do you need to renovation the bathroom and have no ideas? We went to look for some aspects that must be taken into account when planning the works there at home.


It’s time to renovate the bathroom, but still do not know how well? We decided to get down to work and do a search for you. Here are some key tips to think about before remodeling your dreams.


bathroom renovation: 3 points to be noted


If you are thinking about remodeling the bathroom there are three aspects that you should take into account even before you begin planning.



It is important to opt for finishes that are not only easy to clean but also keep as new. This not only saves money and time on maintenance but also makes your bathroom last longer without remodeling.

Energy efficiency is increasingly important in the sale of a home and also, of course, from the environmental point of view. Plan a bathroom with LEDs, insulated windows, heated underfloor heating, reuse of shower water to the toilet … The ideas are varied, as long as you take them into account in the planning stage. How about asking for expert help on the subject? It may seem like an extra investment, but in the future, it may turn out to be economics.

Everyone is looking for bright and open spaces. The lighter your bathroom has, the better. And if you are going to invest in remodeling the bathroom, then it is best to do it in a planned way. Do not want a dark, gloomy bathroom at all. Invest in mirrors – they reflect a lot of light and give a modern air to space.

There are a few tips you can follow to create a bright space such as adding windows and skylights, use lighting for different purposes in space, and opt for lightweight finishes and surfaces that reflect light.




Want to remodel the bathroom, but does your “plus-one” not see this as a priority? We have 5 good reasons to remodel the bathroom, which I had not yet thought of and that will be an excellent argument in your favor.



Do you feel that your bathroom is completely out of fashion? The tiles that a few years ago were the cry of fashion, suddenly became ugly and depressing? Do the cabinets complain about the years? Nothing like giving a new air, changing the tiles, the cabinets and even the shower that still has one of those curtains that do not remind anyone, right?



By the time you decorated your bathroom, you did not even think about tidying up, did you? The truth is that, more and more, different types of products are used for the skin, for the hair and among cleansing lotions, softeners, day creams, night creams, shower gel, exfoliators, shaving foam … There is where to pack so much product.

Organize your products by putting new cabinets and smart and practical storage space, and your bathroom is soon more pleasant.



It’s a fact. Children are born and force us to make a series of changes all over the house so that space becomes more and more functional and practical. The bathroom is no exception.

In our list of reasons to remodel the bathroom, children are a great reason. Of course, soon after birth, it is necessary to make adaptations to make work easier for parents, which in itself is no longer simple.



By the space that is, by the humidity that concentrates there, the bathroom is suffering small damages that need to be arranged. But is patching here and there enough? Until you have patience, right?

Be the broken wood, a crack in one of the dishes, a stand of light that has long ceased to function … When this little havoc become a monster in the bathroom, it’s time to reshape it.



How many times have you been able to handle the crazy waste of water you do daily in your bathroom? Of course, we go to the shower and we want hot water soon, especially on the cold winter days, but that means wasting liters of drinking water daily, just because it’s cold.

Eventually the solution may be to fill up with water bottles or even a bucket and reuse this water for another purpose, but in fact, after a few days you will be tired and will stop doing it. Why not connect the water used in the bath directly to the toilet bowl? The planet and your pocket are grateful.


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