5 Amazing Ideas for Wall Decor

The decoration of walls in a house is very important since a simple change can make a huge difference: see our ideas.


Wall decoration does not always mean having to use paints and complex materials. Sometimes you get very interesting results with simple ideas that will not force you to spend a lot of money. These ideas can be used in various rooms of the house, only need to adapt them to fit the decoration of the space.





If you have a handkerchief or even a towel that you like very much, with a different pattern or that fits specifically to one of the divisions of your home, you may well turn this fabric into a wall decoration element. To do this, simply apply it on a wall using small nails in the corners of the scarf (do not need to stretch too much, not to damage the fabric). Alternatively, you can also use double-sided tape.

If you do not have much of a paint job, but would like a few cheap screens on your walls, opt to line white screens (for sale in any home decor or DIY store) with fabrics you have back home. They could be old clothes, towels or even jeans. Line fabrics of the same size or different sizes with the fabric and lay them on the wall creating interesting patterns.


Hanging dishes is a very traditional idea in our country, but you can always take a traditional idea and give it an innovative touch. For this, I use modern dishes, with different patterns, with several colors, instead of classic old dishes. Also, the way you put them on the wall can also completely revamp this idea: arrange dishes of various sizes and shapes at random. A traditional idea quickly becomes a modern idea.

In the decoration and DIY stores, or even in stationeries, you will find several adhesive tapes with different and interesting motifs. Whether it’s colorful patterns or a solid, unique color, as long as there’s the contrast to the wall where you’ll apply them, the result can be fantastic. Create patterns with ribbons or simply make horizontal and/or vertical stripes. A simple and inexpensive idea for decorating walls with amazing results.

NAILS AND LINES with ropes


Recover some of the skills you gained when you were in school and make a kind of loom with lines of different colors. To do this, simply apply small nails in two parallel lines on the wall and then pass lines of various colors from side to side. Use colors that fit the room and create unique patterns. The final effect is very good and will cause the wall to come to life.

These ideas for decorating walls can in many cases become an activity to develop in the family. Thus, the personal and original touch that will give to your walls will also be a familiar landmark, a memory of quality moments and will still make everyone more careful with it, because they are involved in its elaboration.

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