32 best Rustic wooden benches

We have already posted how the rustic furniture has been gaining space in the decoration. That is why we have brought several ideas that we find on the web of rustic banks for your home.

They are examples that you can order or even do from scratch to make up your decoration.

Rustic furniture is presented in a simple, because they have rough details or finish that emphasize natural shapes. They can also be made with few materials as we will see below.

However, contrary to what one imagines, they can be very comfortable and functional. In addition, they are resistant and generally last for generations.

This is an excellent example that uses wood logs with a simple finish and a comfortable upholstered piece of varied color.

They can be for both indoor and outdoor areas, such as this garden bench, for example.

Algumas madeiras de demolição são sensacionais, pois as marcas do tempo e desgaste natural ficam perfeitas para dar charme à peça. Uma verdadeira obra de arte do tempo!

Loading bins and wedges can turn beautiful benches with only a few cuts. In addition, by adding a single material you can create something totally new. As we see in the example below, solid metal plates leave the rustic furniture looking wonderful.

As we can see, rustic benches can become objects of decoration in modern environments.

In this example we see beautiful wooden logs that are true works of art.

A simple colored handle can give thanks as well as facilitate transport, as in this picture.

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