10 scenes bucolic garden party

The garden party is an occasion for gathering the world in a more prestigious atmosphere than a simple picnic or barbecue. The scenery must therefore be at the top! Here are 10 moods to find inspiration.

If you organize your garden party at tea time, hang pretty cups to the trees for an original decoration.


Butterflies on the plate

The charm of a garden party also plays on the details. Think of decorating your table with disgusting and vintage dishes. The must: Invite nature into your plates with a service butterfly motifs.



Garden party on the beach

There are those who have a beautiful lawn behind their house, but let’s not forget those that look directly on the beach. For an original dinner, move your dining table directly to the water’s edge.



A white tent

And for a garden party a bit hippie, opt for a beautiful white tent, ideal to protect you from the sun during meals or unpredictable rain.


Remember the flags!
A pretty garden party decoration does not omit to decorate the trees. Here, you can find nice cloth pennants.



Beautiful candlesticks


For a beautiful table decoration, opt for beautiful golden candlesticks like these.



Bucolic and Bohemian

For a garden party both bucolic and bohemian, cover your lawn with antique carpets and have your guests sit on cushions very fluffy.



Summer umbrellas

Bet on the originality by suspending colored umbrellas from your trees, the parasol down.




The unmistakable balloons

Balloons never disappoint. Inflated with helium, they lightly embellish a pretty table.


Nice night bar

If your garden party extends late at night, plan a night bar. Illuminated with lanterns, it will delight the most thirsty.

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